The revolutionary "accessible" remote control

Use This Remote Control Your Way

The revolutionary Accenda Remote Control offers the choice of completely hands-free voice operation or extraordinarily comfortable and reliable hand-held operation.

Accenda is so automated it can perform even complex operations (such as turning on your TV and VCR, turning your television to channel 3 and telling your VCR to begin playing a tape) from a single spoken command or button press!

The Accenda Remote Control even offers a unique voice-feedback system that tells users what button they have pushed, eliminating guesswork and minimizing the usual difficulty associated with learning remote control operation.

The unique design eliminates the usual fumbling for buttons — and the resultant pressing of wrong buttons.

You can use Accenda's unique voice response to tell you what button you have pressed, eliminating guesswork and making it faster than ever to learn to use the remote control.

Convenient side-mounted buttons allow you to easily change stations or adjust volume without moving your hand.
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