Build an Effective Sales Page

How to Build an Effective Sales Page & Application Development Process

By on June 19, 2016

There are dozens of “sales page templates” available all over the internet, as well meaning as the people offering them may be canned sales pages are pretty awful.  Getting people to take action or buy from you requires building trust and having your readers connect with your message.  To do this you need to let your unique message and personality shine through, build a page that targets the right audience.

Where do you learn how to build an effective sales page?  Here are some tips to help you build a unique and converting sales page.

Start with Something Different

Everybody and their dog use the same sales page templates and readers are tired of generic stuff.  Clients are inundated all day long with these same sales pages so be eye catching and different.  Make bold statements and generate some buzz around your offer and don’t be afraid of controversy.

Offer Value

Instead of the usual blah, blah, blah about what you are selling, offer some understanding of the position they are in and the struggles they face.  You will need to connect the dots, it may not always be obvious to them how your product can solve their problem.  If you don’t lay it out why would they buy your stuff?  This is where you provide value and build trust, both of which are essential to conversions. There are many ways to add value with development.

Build Rapport

This is a term often used in direct sales but it applies in the digital marketplace as well.  You need to connect with your ideal client using the language they speak, your customer needs to be able to identify with you.  Once you build rapport, the client will be a lot more comfortable spending money on application development.

Communicate an Emotional Benefit

Buying or taking action is more often about emotion than it is about logic.  People buy things because they want to look good, feel good or increase their standing, granted these are the only factors in making a purchase but emotion is a huge part of it.  You need to tap into that, how will working with you help them?

Understand Their Frustrations

What frustrations do they have not using your product or service?  Readers need to see that you understand their positions and how your product is different and won’t leave them with the same level of frustration.  Especially with app development, you have to clearly know the bottlenecks to provide a solution.

Handle Reluctance

What would make your potential client hesitate before taking action?  Is it the prospect of being stuck listening to another endless sales script that they “must act on right now before the chance is gone forever”?  Don’t use old outdated sales tactics people are tired of it, bring something new to the conversation.  Handle objections in a meaningful way. If you’re selling app development, cost could be extremely high so keep that in mind when handling objections.

Add a Meaningful PS

People tend to scroll to the end of the page skipping the wall of text in the middle, and traditionally conventional wisdom says you should reiterate the features and benefits.  Try something different add some social proof instead, add some testimonials or share a story how your products or services made their life better.

Now that you understand what elements make a good sales page, here’s a video to help you put one together.